Adding your learners to your course via our Excel template

Here comes the exciting part - learners beginning the course! Learn about how to add learners and access our learner upload form.

👤 Please note: this article is intended for the point of contact in your organization (not for learners) 

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The process for adding learners is simple: download the Excel template below, follow the simple instructions, and send it back to 4 Seasons for upload into the course portal.
You'll notice that there are only 3 columns of data for you to fill in: first name, last name, and e-mail address - that is all the learning management system is capable of processing. Additional data will confuse the system and block the upload (things like symbols, accents, extra spaces, extra columns, extra data, et cetera).
Please note that your list will automatically create the user accounts as well as how their names appear on their certificate of completion, exactly as you type it. We ask that you please review the list with this certificate of completion in mind.
For example, names entered as 'abbey weber' or 'Weber, ABBEY' will appear that way on the learner's certificate.
All that to say, click below to download our bulk learner import template.Click here to access sqr
Please note: we promise we will only add learners on the specific day of your launch, as per your instructions. The team may also need to double-check data on your list with you via email as part of quality assurance.
How to add your learners to the course by sending us your Excel list:
  1.  Download the bulk import template above
  2. Complete all 3 columns for each learner you intend t0 add (first name, last name, email address)
  3. Double-check your information - remember, this data directly creates learner accounts!
  4. Save your work and send your completed file to us at and specify the date they should be uploaded
  5. Wait! Once your learners have been successfully added to the course, we'll send you a confirmation email.
Instructions on how to add your learners can also be found on the attached template.