Customizing a course

For advanced customizations beyond adding your logo, land acknowledgement, read on.

👤 This article is for the main point of contact for a participating organization.


Your quote price includes our base course plus your logo, land acknowledgement, words of welcome, and choice of film. These are considered simple customizations.

For complex customizations, there may be an additional cost.

Complex customizations

Resources Generated by 4 Seasons

We can also include videos and interviews from our bonus library as elements in your course, which can help you tailor the content more closely to your region or sector. To browse our bonus library, click here.

We also have a selection of suggested discussion questions that we can add after selected chapters in your course (you can always generate your own questions - these are just our standard questions!) 

You can also request to re-order or remove content to more closely follow your organization's curriculum. Altering the course structure is complex customization and the cost for doing so begins at 500 CAD. To discuss this type of complex customization, reach out to book a call with a team member.

Resources Generated by your Organization

If your organization has stellar content or specific messaging about your reconciliation efforts and initiatives that you would like incorporated into the course, we can do that! There are some limitations to what can be included in a customized course, and content is subject to review before inclusion.

Pre-generated content (composed by your organization) is generally added to the course for free, but complex builds may incur additional costs.

What we can incorporate:

  • PDFs (viewable & as a download)
  • Slideshows (PPT or Google Slides)
  • Surveys
  • Videos
  • Text (messaging from executive or Indigenous leads, instructions for next steps, etc.)

Have a question about how we can tailor a course to your organization? Let us know what you're thinking, and we'll book a call to walk through it with you.