How to ensure our emails do not land in your employees' junk folder (forward this to your IT)

Whitelisting key email addresses from 4 Seasons will ensure that your learners' welcome emails and certificates land safely in their inboxes and are not blocked by your internal firewalls.

Please contact your IT team and have them whitelist the following email addresses:
This ensures that when we register you and your learners in the course, the welcome emails and certificates land in their inboxes rather than blocked in their junk mail or spam folders. This step can help make for the smoothest possible launch. It also ensures that any responses to live chat or help requests sent from our learner care team in the future, will land safely with their recipients.
Essentially, 'whitelisting' is the equivalent of adding us to your organization's approved contact list.
Once you've completed the whitelisting process, let us know so we can send you a test message from the system to help troubleshoot and test this step.

Don't have an IT department? Not to worry :) You probably also don't have firewalls triaging and blocking external vendor emails, or 'strangers' writing to your employees. If you're worried about learners receiving emails, you can always instruct them to add our email addresses as contacts in their accounts.