I registered for the RBC free course and I didn't get my welcome email. I can't start the course!

If you registered for the course and have not received a welcome email, read here.

🎓 This article is for learners who are looking for assistance with the RBC Campaign - free course.

Please select  from the 3 scenarios which best applies to you: 

(updated August 2022) 

Scenario 1: 

First, ensure you  did enrol via the RBC campaign page (prior to August 31st).

You will receive a welcome email in your inbox with a URL link.  This link is created for you and will take you directly to your unique learner dashboard. Click on that link and access the course. Voilà!


Scenario 2: 

You enrolled successfully but still have not received your registration welcome email? 

Here's how-to search and retrieve it:

Firstly, please search your inbox, spam, junk folder with the following term: 4 Seasons

This search should generate the welcome email sent from our learning management system portal where the course is housed: noreply@notify.thinkific.com

From that registration email you will find a long link,  click on that link and access the course.


Scenario 3: 

You did visit the course but now you are not sure where the find the link to get you back in the course. 

You can follow scenario 2 and search your emails. 

You can also try to reset your password: see below.

You can request that the learning system sends you a new email to set a password, and then you can access your course, directly from the URL link contained in that email.


  1. Start by heading over to:
  2. Click the image of First Nations University of Canada or the "Click here to sign in" text to get started.
  3. Once you click, it will take you to the sign-in page, like the one below in the image. 


4. Now, enter your email address (the one you registered with) like in the example below, and click ‘Submit’. You can also opt to 'remember me', if you like. 


5. Log into your email inbox and wait for an email from Reconciliation Education. Please check your junk mail or spam as well.  The email should look like the one below (this example is in a Gmail inbox):


6. Follow the link and instructions in the email, and voilà! You’ve successfully reset your password and are ready to get back to learning.


7. Save the password in a special place for future reference. 



We hope this article was helpful :)