I completed the course and would like to delete my account to minimize my digital footprint.

I want to permanently delete my 4 Seasons account.

🎓 This article is for learners.

Your account through your workplace entitles you to access to the bonus content we provide (films, docuseries, interviews) and the ability to take the course again or be certified by the First Nations University of Canada if you so choose. Our accounts are on a 2-year license, and at that 2-year mark, they expire and your access is revoked.

If you would like us to delete your account, we can absolutely do that. Due to updates to our learning management system partner (Thinkific), the learner no longer has the ability to delete their own account from the system, only a site administrator can do that. We can easily delete your account and send you a confirmation e-mail to that end once it is completed.

The ramifications of deleting your account are that it is a permanent purge of your data, so nothing remains in the system, including your progress. If you’ve received a certificate, ensure you have a local copy saved, as we will not be able to retrieve it. If at a point in the remainder of your workplace’s license you chose to re-enroll, you would need to complete the course from the beginning again in order to receive a certificate.

To have your account deleted, please contact your HR or 4 Seasons initiative leader and have them request an account deletion.