I’m a student at Georgian College, and I need to access (learn from) my 4 Seasons of Reconciliation Course.

Tansi! See below for some details about the course and how to access it.

The post-secondary classroom course is a three-hour in-class & two-hour online foundational course, covering the essential topics of reconciliation, inspired by First Nations University of Canada's Reconciliation Certificate Program. Faculty members have access to an online portal, enriched with additional bonus material such as reconciliation films & videos. With this portal, instructors can teach the reconciliation unit in the classroom.  During this unit, instructors will provide their students with access to an online portal as part of their class’s work.

The student multi-media section includes a quiz, readings, and a student video library portal. There is no certificate provided with this course.

Students are asked to take a screenshot of their final quiz results to be shared with their instructor.

Student Online Portal Access: Found on Blackboard. If you are having troubles accessing it, ask your instructor where it is located. When logging onto the 4 Seasons of Reconciliation module, please use your full name.


Please note: This course is intended to be taught and offered in a classroom setting.  It is not a self-paced asynchronous modular course that students take ‘solo’. This student portal access is part of a classroom unit offered by the instructor.