There is no course showing on my dashboard

If you are in our learning portal but no course appears, read here to access our enrolment and learner support form.

🎓 This article is for learners.

Please note that our learning portal can be accessed by anyone - it will bring anyone to the dashboard but no courses will show.  All students properly enrolled will have a course appearing on their dashboard. If the dashboard is empty then your enrolment has not occurred yet. 

Option 1 - I was recently enrolled by my organization and when I log in, I don't see a course on my dashboard.

Rarely do accounts become disconnected from their courses - don't panic! Our team can easily reconnect you with your course. Scroll below: 

Option 2 - I enrolled in the free RBC Campaign course (or would like to):

If you are looking for the free course provided by the RBC Special Campaign, you can fill the same form to be enrolled or be brought back to your unique dashboard by your tech support team. Scroll below: 

Option 3 - I self-enrolled in a course, through an organization and when I log in I no longer see a course on my dashboard.

Only learners who have been registered by our team will have a course assigned to our dashboard. If your account was created by self-enrolment, such as by signing up on an external webpage (a sign-up form from your organization, for example), you will not be able to register for a course and no courses will appear on your dashboard.

If you enrolled on an external webpage and should be connected with a course offered by your organization (workplace, college or university), please follow this step:

Please fill-in the learner help form HERE:

The form will prompt you to provide the below details: 

  1. Your full name
  2. The email address associated with your account
  3. The organization (or campaign) providing you the course
  4. The name of your course, if you know it

    CLICK on image to access the form: 

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 7.23.42 AM