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For Educators (and facilitators) Quick Win Guide PDF

My students (learners) will be assigned this course. I'd like to be prepared to lead them, avoid tech issues for them & learn how to enrol them to the course, as well as any tips that would be helpful for me.


👤 This PDF guide is for those leading or assigning this course to their students. (Scroll to download) 

P.S. We also have another guide for Indigenous Leads, HR Directors or decision-makers who are the point of contact in an organization championing this project and is the direct liaison with the Reconciliation Education client care team. This is not that guide - this is one is meant be shared with all your educators or facilitators  who have students or learners assigned to them for our participating organizations.


We highly recommend to all educators and facilitators to grab a hold of this guide for the-before-and-after-of-a-successful-classroom-launch 

In this PDF, you will find:

  • How to add your students to the course (if your organization has already purchased)
  • Since the tech team will not be available on the day of your launch - what to do
  • FAQs & top student tech questions
  • Learner support
  • How-to facilitate the course or:
  • How-to assign it as a self-paced course to your students 

Part One of this document will walk you through the best practices and necessary steps for facilitating the course in your classroom.

Part Two of this document will provide you with answers to commonly asked questions by your students, helpful links, and the ultimate tools to keep your learners learning. We recommend reading this document fully and keeping it close by during your class.


DOWNLOAD guide by:  clicking on the image

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