Prepare to Enroll Learners (Download the template)

Now, here’s the fun part - putting together your enrollment list.

👤 This article is for the main point of contact for a participating organization.

The process is simple: 

☑️ Download our template from the link below

☑️ Fill in the required information for the learners you would like enrolled 

☑️ Save the completed template, and send it back to 4 Seasons in an email date you intend to launch, and you’re good to go!

You will notice that there are only 3 columns of data for you to fill in: first name, last name, and e-mail address. This is the only data we can import directly to account profiles. Additional data will confuse the system; such as symbols, extra spaces, extra columns, et cetera., and will not be able to be imported into the system.

Click here to download the Excel template to create your list of learners.

Please remember that your Excel list will automatically create the user accounts and how their names appear on their certificate of completion, exactly as entered in the Excel sheet. We ask that you please review the list with this in mind! 

☑️ Once you have your Excel list prepared, send it on over to with your list attached and a clearly-stated date you would like the users imported.