SCORM Settings Options

This quick win guide shows the options available for export of the 4 Seasons SCORM package for your LMS. Please review these options ahead of requesting a test package.

👤 This article is for the main point of contact for a participating organization.

Please identify the below setting choices (LMS tech specs) before we can export and send a SCORM file of your course. 

⚠️ Please note: Without proper setting selections on the client’s part, the SCORM sent by the vendor will not be compatible with your LMS. The SCORM package will simply ‘crash’.



These settings can only be properly set by the sender before sending over the file. Once the file is received, these settings can no longer be manually altered on your end. If settings are incorrect, new packages will need to be resent (costs may occur)

Your LMS team can assist with these familiar selection choices. The below screenshots can provide you with a visual map of the settings our team will manually set for your package in accordance with your selections to ensure compatibility.



Export Type:

Please note, our course can only be exported as an LMS format.  (in a SCORM package)

LMS Settings

You have a choice of SCORM 1.2 


SCORM 2004 (please specify which edition: 2nd, 3rd, or 4th edition)

Please note: we do not offer AICC, xAPI/TinCan, or cmi5 editions of the course as we cannot guarantee functionality or offer support for these file types. This course was designed to be delivered in SCORM only.


Our course includes a final quiz which tests the learner’s comprehension and unlocks access to a certificate of completion in the following lesson. 

For this reason,  our standard course tracks via quiz success and our default reporting is set to Passed/Incomplete. This can be changed based on your selection.

If selecting the ‘track using course completion = 100%’, the reporting has 2 options below to select from: Passed/Incomplete OR Complete/Incomplete 

If selecting the tracking via Quiz, the reporting has 4 options: Passed/Incomplete or Passed/Failed or Complete/Incomplete or Complete/Failed

Final Quiz Settings

Please note: Our course has by default a 65% passing score with an ‘enabled Passing score to continue’. Quiz Retries are set to unlimited. 

We offer choices for your organization’s preference, based on your own learning and assessing the environment for your employees. Does your organization have a pre-determined passing percentage? Our course’s quiz settings can be adjusted to your preferences.