Support For You and Your Learners 

Here's a handy dandy support toolkit.

👤 This article is for the main point of contact for a participating organization.


Learner Support Toolkit

Your learners can access the learner FAQs at any time by clicking "Learner FAQs" anywhere they see it on the site. The Learner FAQ page also links to our more expansive knowledge base and live chat (you are here!)

Learner FAQ

The Learner FAQ page is accessible from the sign-in page, the footer of every course page, by using the link above, as well as in the learner dashboard. Instruct your learners to access it easily from within the course by clicking anywhere they see the words “Learner FAQ”.  

Our Learner FAQ is now integrated with our knowledge library (you are here!), where learners can live chat (which you can access using the orange bubble on the lower right of the page) with a help agent during business hours, or browse more in-depth troubleshooting guides. Help is never far from the learner’s fingertips with these interactive technologies.