What do your clients and learners have to say? I'd like to read some testimonies.

Here's what they have to say.

 "Thoroughly impressed with everything from course content and design to customer service. Well done." 
Kristal H., Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation


"This has been an outstanding partnership. The course is offered at a very fair price. The content is current, relevant, and often created in our own backyard.
Sean Chase, Holy Trinity Catholic School Division


"We have received a lot of positive feedback on both how user-friendly it is in terms of navigating the site as well as the course content.
Shelley T., Southeast Cornerstone Public School Division


It's a great program and it's so needed by so many organizations. I absolutely recommend it to people!” 
Candace S., Government of Canada


"It was very informative and I was surprised at how very little I knew.  You can’t begin to be understanding or want to make a difference if you have no comprehension of the past, present or faith in the future.  I still have many questions but it changed my opinion on some things, an opinion that I adopted from others as a child and beyond because I didn’t know any better.  Most certainly a positive beginning with hope for change."

Melanie M, Treaty 6 (Saskatoon)


"For someone who had very little knowledge and true understanding of our history, this course was extremely insightful. The material layout was intriguing and easy to understand."

Anonymous Learner, Treaty 6 ( Saskatoon)


"The course was so informative and easy to use that I completed it quickly.  The information on this topic can be overwhelming but the creators of this course covered the highlights and offered more information for additional learning.  This course has definitely encouraged me to take action and support the Reconciliation efforts of others."

Anonymous Learner, Treaty 6 ( Saskatoon)


"I had been trying to understand the situation of Indigenous people in Canada and this course supplemented what I had been doing.  I would say that it helped me understand the situation and be more hopeful that I could do something (small or large) to help move toward Reconciliation."

Anonymous Learner, Treaty 6 (Saskatoon)


"I felt ashamed of the bureaucracy that shaped my opinion of Indigenous people and of my lack of understanding of the situation that has existed for generations.  After the course, I felt less guilty about what I didn’t know and couldn’t control and more responsible for creating change."

Anonymous Learner, Treaty 6 (Saskatoon)


"I am very inspired.  I have been reading and connecting with people.  I encourage others to participate in Reconciliation in their businesses."

Anonymous Learner, Treaty 6 (Saskatoon)


"The Four Seasons of Reconciliation is a great course for anyone to take, especially if you are in a leadership role in any organization in Canada. It will provide you a great foundation for your journey to discover the truth about Canada's historical and current treatment of First Nations people and then take steps to build a path towards reconciliation."

Greg Sutton, CEO TinyEye Therapy Services


"The 4 Seasons of Reconciliation Course that I was able to complete through an initiative offered by my employer has sparked my interest in learning more about my family’s history. Through this opportunity, I am learning how to look at what happened through various perspectives and I’ve become aware that there are so many."

Jennifer Kerr, Synergy Credit Union


"I use to think there was nothing I could do to help but now I think we are all responsible for our own personal reconciliation. Now I know I can do more to be a part of the solution and the change."

Anonymous Learner, Treaty 7 (Calgary) 


"I used to think that Reconciliation was just a buzzword, but now I think that it's an act of revolution."

Anonymous Learner, Treaty 7 (Calgary) 


"My attitude has changed drastically, I have a way better understanding of their culture and rich history. I will make a change in my personal and work life."

Anonymous Learner, Treaty 7 (Calgary) 


"Seamless delivery; very user-friendly. all the stories, videos, slides are very clear."

Jennifer Johnson, Regina Catholic School Division


"I enjoyed every module. I love history and I was gratified to know that the history of Canada is now truthfully revealed from a First Nation perspective. I am an immigrant and when I first came to Canada and read the history of Canada and picked up something from a First Nation's perspective, it often seemed like I was reading about two different countries, not one and the same."

Kristina Lee, University of Regina


"As a new immigrant here in Canada, every module in this unit gave me an "ah-ha" moment. I learned a lot about the Indigenous Peoples, their pains, experiences and their call to justice and reconciliation. This has positively changed my perception of their Nations. Hearing the Indigenous People's testimonies and stories made me remembered the history of the country where I'm from, which is the Philippines. I somehow felt the pain of injustice, racism, inequality, colonial violence, family separation and forced conformity. This unit has inspired me to continue upholding the strength in diversity and in empowering all people."

Katrina R., Treaty 4


"I think the overall tone of the course was brilliant. I loved the hopeful nature, and the strength and perseverance exhibited by everyone involved. It really does a good job of combating the "white saviour" complex many people subconsciously carry."

Anonymous Learner


"The course confirmed that my preconceived notions about Canada were totally biased based on what I learned in school. Learning both sides has balanced my perspective of the country that we live in and has allowed me to contribute to conversations on Indigenous matters with better insight."

Anonymous Learner


"I learned a lot! A lot of the information was new, I never knew about the residential school system until I was an adult. There was minimal Indigenous history taught in elementary/high school other than the basics. This made so many things that I saw growing up as a child/teenager make a lot more sense."

Anonymous Educator


"The bonus videos really brought in feelings versus reading facts."

Anonymous Educator