The screen where the quiz should appear is blank or not responding.

I am having display issues with the quiz - it's not loading or showing up. I can see the other elements in the course except for the quiz. Or, I can see the quiz but I can't type my answers.

🎓  This article is for learners. 


The most common fix when experiencing quiz issues is changing the device you are using to learn from this course.

It's common for quiz issues to arise when taking the quiz on a phone or a tablet. We recommend taking the course from a computer (or laptop). 


If you are experiencing quiz issues while on a computer or laptop, we recommend troubleshooting this by changing the browser you are using or updating your browser version. We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


If you are using a work or school computer, your IT team might be of assistance. Your organization may block sites including Google Quiz and Vimeo. Contact them directly to see if they might be able to assist.


We are sorry to hear that tech has gotten in the way of your learning with our course. Not to worry - we'll assist you through this so you can go back to the course.  Use the live chat feature on this page to contact a live agent.