Top Tips for Crushing Course Communication

If there's one thing we've done, it's a lot of course launches! We've collected our best brains and top tips here to help you crush it when it comes to course communications.

👤 This article is for the main point of contact for a participating organization.

We recommend, as a bare minimum to inform your learners in advance to expect a course enrollment e-mail from with a link bringing them to their unique learner dashboard. We find that notifying learners in advance (so they don't think it's spam!) is ideal as it results in a more seamless launch.


Ready for your gold star? 🌟 Don't forget to go for high marks with photos and videos in your announcements and emails.


Include a description of the course (click here to see 2 options we provide)
Include videos, such as the 2-minute course video trailer, to show your learners the high quality of the engaging multimedia in the course and the spirit of the initiative as a whole (click here -we've got you covered with several other mini video options below!)
Let them know they will receive a course enrollment email from: