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What is the cost of this program?

Have you sampled the course and evaluated if it might be a fit for your organization, and now you'd like to learn more about pricing options or request a rate card?

We can certainly provide you with cost options to find a solution that best fits your budget and reconciliation objectives. 

By answering a few short questions, we can send you a price quote for your sector and the size of your organization.  Simply fill out the form below.

  • For school divisions or school boards, we have a price card based on the size and number of secondary schools in your division. These are division-wide licenses, and you’ll be charged a bulk price based on the number of staff you employ.
  • For Colleges or Universities, the resource was selected as a reconciliation initiative by the national library organization, Consortia Canada, with which most post-secondary institutions are members (through their provincial membership organization). Your campus library can provide you pricing and license options that will specifically meet the needs of your educational institution. You can also reach us directly and we create a flow of communication between all of us (4 Seasons, Consortia Canada, and you!) to assist you in your purchasing evaluation.
  • For non-educational organizations, our pricing is based on the number of employees in your organization, the type of organization (private, government or not-for-profit sectors) and are based on industry-standard prices for workplace professional development courses. Some professional members organization are also distributors of the course and offer discounts to their members. 
  • Best way to provide you with an accurate price is for you to fill out the short and easy form below to request a quote.

Other ways to reach us:

You can also send us a pricing request via our chat option on our website (bottom right corner) or connect with us at:  4Seasons@ReconciliationEducation.ca

Please include as many details as you feel are relevant so that we can quickly and efficiently provide your organization with a quote.

You can request a sales call, and a member of our team will be glad to walk you through your pricing options.

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