Discussion Questions for Client Use

Having a lunch and learn? Wanting to dive deeper with your learners? Here are our suggested discussion questions.

👤 This article is for the main point of contact for a participating organization. 


Question/Suggested Point for Discussion

How would our workplace benefit from adopting a more positive outlook on our relationship with First Nations, Métis, and Inuit people?

How has this course affected you or your views on the imbalance in the relationship between Canadian society and Indigenous peoples?

What are some new learnings that have changed or challenged your views about Indigenous peoples and their societies?

What have you learned about residential schools? What are some ways we can deepen our learning in our workplace or our community?

Some organizations honour the ongoing impacts of residential schools by participating in Orange Shirt Day in September. Do you have any ideas or thoughts on ways to incorporate this learning in our own organization?

What did you learn about reconciliation? Did you know that our organization has a responsibility and is 'called' upon to join reconciliation?

We are now at the end of the course. Do you feel inspired to continue to learn or engage in truth and reconciliation? What are some of the resources, groups, and initiatives in our own community that we can join, support or learn from - right here in our own backyard. Do you plan to visit the 'Bonus Section - Video Library' in this course to continue your learning by viewing some of the films and videos?

In your own words, what is the importance of truth and reconciliation?

What are some ways that you can act in the spirit of truth and reconciliation in your own practice? In your workplace?

Summarize what you’ve learned so far. Why is this important? Who benefits from this knowledge?

How can an organization or business show that truth and reconciliation are important to them? How can your organization or business show this?

Truth and Reconciliation Commissioner Senator Chief Wilton Littlechild coined the term “reconcili-action”. What does this mean to you, and what could this look like?


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