Can I access the course using the Go.Learn (Docebo) App?

Yes, you can! Reconciliation Education now offers learning through an app. Learn more about how to access your course through the app here.

🎓 This article is for learners accessing the course through Learners accessing the course through another URL cannot use the app at this time.

Can I start or continue my learning using an app?

Yes, you can! Courses provided by Reconciliation Education are now available for learners to access through a mobile application, available for Android and iOS.

Please note that the app is only available for learners who are accessing the course through  The app is not currently available for other Reconciliation Education products hosted on different websites.

How do I access the app?

Here are the quickstart steps to download the app, and link your learning experience. You will need an active internet connection to download and connect the app.

  1. Download the app from your app store. You can download the app by searching for “Go.Learn” in the Apple Store or in Google Play Store. Screenshot 2023-10-23 at 13-56-01 Go.Learn - Apps on Google Play

    This is the icon of the app you're looking for. 
    The app is called Go.Learn and is published by Docebo.

2. Once downloaded, open the app. The app will request your Portal URL. Enter the following as your Portal URL:

3. If the connection was successful, you will see the login screen. Enter your username and password.

    1. If the connection was unsuccessful, you may need to re-enter the Portal URL. Ensure that you have copy and pasted the full URL.
4. Once logged in, you will see your course(s) under the "Your Learning" heading.

Can I download the course to experience it offline?

Yes and no! Some elements of the course can be downloaded to complete offline. However, many courses include links to Vimeo videos, which cannot be downloaded as they are live links to an internet video.

We do not recommend downloading the course to complete offline, as you may experience difficulty with video playback.

Does my progress sync from the app to the website?

Yes! If you begin the course on your app and transition to the desktop site (or vice versa), your progress will be synced and you will be able to resume where you left off.

Please note that if you completed content offline, the device you completed the content on will need to be reconnected to the internet before resuming in order to sync your progress.