How do I start my course?

I'm ready to get learning. How do I start?

🎓 This article is for learners.

No worries! First off, tansi and boozhoo (welcome) to 4 Seasons of Reconciliation Education! We are so pleased for you to start learning with us.

Now, to access your course, please click the following link to sign in: 

We suggest you bookmark this link so you can return to the course, at any time.

Log in to the 4 Seasons of Reconciliation Course Site


Once you’ve arrived on the course website, click the option Sign In. You should see it either at the bottom section of the sign in form, or at the top left corner of the course portal.

Select and open the course in which you are currently enrolled. Look for a course card like the one below.

You are now in the course!

You should see a panel on the left with the table of contents to navigate. There are arrows at the top banner to expand that view to see the table of contents, in case it does not appear immediately.

You can start your learning: 

  • Next: start the course! Your progress will be tracked and you can return to where you left off at any time.
  • Wait! How do I track my progress, you ask? You will see a large rectangle button at the bottom of each lesson that says "Complete and Continue’’. Each completed lesson will have a check-off icon.
  • Once you have completed all 10 modules in your course, you will receive a certificate of completion from First Nations University of Canada.

The course portal will remember where you left off in the course and track your progress (as long as you are recording each section with the 'complete and continue' button to record your progress).

To return to the course, simply log in with your password. We suggest adding the course page to your favourites so you may return to the course more quickly ( You can also turn on the ‘remember me’ feature on the sign-in page - but be sure to do so only from a personal, not-shared device. 

If you cannot find your login credentials please contact us with your email, full name and name of your organization, and our team can assist within 24-48hrs. Drop us a line with your above details at: and we’ll get you started! 


If you have already completed your certification for your 4 Seasons of Reconciliation Education Professional Development Course, you are invited to revisit the course and its bonus sections to enhance your learning at any time. You can also view your certificate by logging in, clicking the menu button, and selecting My Account, then the ‘My Certificates’ tab.

To assist you in this login process, we've created a 'how-to' video.Please watch the 1-minute video on how to create your account as well as other helpful tips from our FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

If the course you are taking has a URL that begins with: and not with:

Please contact us so we may assist you with login details. Please provide us with your email, full name and name of your organization and whether this is a workplace course for employees OR a classroom course for students and we will provide you the correct URL. Drop us a line at and we would be glad to help! 

Your course is hosted on a different site and requires a different login process. 

Our team will provide you with further information about this type of course and its access to you and your organization faster than you can say ‘94 Calls to Action’!