I need to prove to my instructor that I completed the post-secondary course, but I didn't receive a certificate

As of June 1, 2021, our post-secondary courses offer certificates. If you completed the course before that date, or you completed the course and can't find your certificate, read on.

🎓 This article is for learners.

To make the post-secondary course experience more seamless and simple for students and instructors, we've added certificates to our post-secondary courses. However, if you completed the course before our certificate system renovations were complete, you would not have received a certificate.

Here's the fastest way to get your certificate: take the final quiz again! Taking the quiz and passing will immediately send you a certificate from our system. You can revisit the final quiz without revisiting the previous content in the post-secondary course.

If after re-attempting the quiz and passing (with a grade of 70% or higher) you still haven't received a certificate, add 4 Seasons of Reconciliation (reconciliationeducation@gmail.com) as a contact in your email account, and reattempt the quiz again.

Adding our certification email as a contact should allow the certificate email to come through smoothly, right to your inbox. You can also search in your inbox for keywords 'final quiz', 'congratulations', and '4 Seasons' to locate your certificate email.