I signed up for the course using a sign-up form. What happens now? When can I start my course?

Our sign-up forms are converted to user accounts twice weekly. You should receive a welcome email and account information within 96 hours.

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Welcome to 4 Seasons of Reconciliation Education! 

When you sign up for a course using a sign-up form, your information is sent directly to us. Twice weekly, one of our technicians uploads all the user data collected in the forms to our user account system.

Please allow up to 96 hours for your account information to be added to the next upload batch.

Once your data has been uploaded, you’ll receive a welcome email from our system with instructions on how to sign in and access the course.

If you have not received a welcome email from us after 96 hours, please use the live chat function on this page (the speech bubble below at the right). We’ll open a ticket with our technicians and make sure they help get you moving! 

If you have entered a raffle for a free seat, please know these contests last an entire month and winners will be added at the end of the month.