Download & prepare your registration list (enroll your learners)

Click here to read more about how to register your learners, and download the template.

👤 This article is for the main point of contact for a participating organization.

How do I register my learners?

Registration is fast and easy! In order to register your learners, we need their account details in our standard form. Our standard form has 3 columns:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Email Address

These 3 pieces of information are all we need to create and register your learners' accounts to the Reconciliation Education learning management system (LMS, aka course portal).

Once you have your template form filled in, send it to the Reconciliation Education team via email with a clear date you want your learners registered. You can also upload to our secure fileshare here.

If your organization is using multiple groups to assist in tracking, please submit 1 clearly labeled form per group.

Steps to Success

  • Don't forget: two languages, two lists! If you have English learners and French learners, they need to be submitted on separate, clearly labeled forms.
  • Check for duplicates. We recommend sorting your list alphabetically to ensure that you don't have any duplicates before submitting your list. Duplicate learners can easily sneak in if your organization has multiple email addresses for members of your team, or if your organization used multiple methods of collecting data. Checking for and removing duplicates helps keep your reports clean, data clear, and ensures that your used seat count is accurate.
  • Ensure your email addresses are email addresses. When manually typing email addresses, it's a simple typo to insert a comma instead of a period, or to add a space by accident. Take a quick glance through the email column to ensure that all the email addresses follow the same format, have no spaces in the email addresses, and have the correct punctuation. Incorrectly typed email addresses will result in learners not receiving their welcome email.

Ready to enroll your learners? Click below to download our template registration form.

Form ready to go? Email us or upload here.

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