The quiz is not displaying properly.

Answers are repeated, no text shows up, or an incorrect answer is marked correct.

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The most common fix when experiencing quiz issues is changing the device you are using to learn from this course.

Here are a few troubleshooting options to select from: 

1. It's common for quiz issues to arise when taking the quiz on a phone or a tablet. We recommend taking the course from a computer (or laptop). 

2. If you are experiencing quiz issues while on a computer or laptop, we recommend trouble-shooting this by changing the browser you are using or updating your browser version. We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox, and testing other favourite browsers to see if that solves the issue. 

3. If you are using a work or school computer, your IT team might be of assistance. Is it possible that at your organization they are blocking through their safety firewalls certain websites, for example, Google Quiz? You can contact them directly to see if they might have some internal solutions.

4. And lastly, there is a small possibility that you were accessing the quiz while our tech team was in the admin panel to edit and improve the quiz. We suggest waiting 15 minutes and logging back into the course to continue to the quiz. Waiting 15 minutes is enough time for the server lease to reset and erase any upload or time-based errors.


If you've tried all of the above steps and you are still having trouble accessing the quiz then we recommend contacting our help team and providing a screenshot of what you see when experiencing this issue, as well as the URL of the quiz page as it appears in your browser (where you are experiencing the quiz issue). We need the URL and description to be able to help you.

We are sorry to hear that tech has gotten in the way of your learning with our course. Arrrghh... technology sometimes! Not to worry - we will strive to assist you through this so you can go back to (enjoying - we hope!) our course. 

Contact us at or by using the live chat option on the right side of this page (orange bubble).