What is your FTP (file transfer protocol)?

 In case tech jargon isn’t your cup of tea, what is “FTP”?  File Transfer Protocol. Learn more about what 4 Seasons uses.

👤 🛠️  This article is for the main point of contact for a participating organization.

FTP is a standard communication protocol for sharing/transferring files from one server to another. It is a secure way to share files, and is likely similar to cloud storage solutions you’ve used before.

4 Seasons of Reconciliation uses Box.com as our file-sharing portal. This is a secure site where we can share files with clients, and clients can share and sign files directly inside the file-sharing app. Box.com is used by top-tier brands and companies across Canada and around the world.

To learn more about the security features of our FTP, visit Box.com's security FAQs here.


⚠️ Some clients will ask vendors to use their own internal FTP for security reasons or internal data regulations. If your organization’s standard for FTP includes using your organization’s own portal, please start the vendor onboarding process of providing access to our team as soon as possible.