Where do I go to log in to the course?

I can't find the course URL or my welcome email.

🎓 This article is for learners using our learn.reconciliationeducation.ca portal.

If you are enrolled in a course on our learning platform and the URL of your course begins with https://learn.reconciliationeducation.ca, you are a recognized student enrolled in a course with a password.

To access your course, please click the following link to sign in:
Log in to the 4 Seasons of Reconciliation Course Site

The portal will remember where you left off in the course and track your progress (as long as you are recording each section with the 'complete and continue' button to record your progress).

  • To return to the course, simply log in with your password. We suggest adding the course page to your favourites so you may return to the course more quickly.
  • If you cannot find your login info - please contact us with your email, name and name of your organization and our team will send you a direct link to your profile. 
  • If you have already completed your certification for your 4 Seasons of Reconciliation Education Professional Development Course, you are invited to revisit the course and its bonus sections to enhance your learning at any time.

If the course you are taking has a URL that begins with: 


and not with:


Please contact us so we may assist you with log-in details. Please provide us with your email, name and name of your organization and we will provide you the correct URL. Your course is hosted on our website and not in a typical learning management portal. Our team can provide you with further information about this type of course and its access to you and your organization.