How do I log into the course?

I'd like some help with the steps to log in to the course.

🎓 This article is for learners.

No worries! First off, tansi and boozhoo (welcome) to 4 Seasons of Reconciliation! We are so pleased for you to start learning with us.

Now, to access your course, please click the following link to sign in: 

We suggest you bookmark this link so you can return to the course, at any time.

Log in to the 4 Seasons of Reconciliation Course Site

To start your learning, please:

  • Click the link above to go to our course portal site:

To assist you in this login process, we've created a 1-minute ‘How-to login' video. 

Please watch the 1-minute video on how to create your account as well as other helpful tips from our FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

Access video here:


Or you can follow these below text instructions: 

Once you’ve arrived on the course website, click the option Sign In. You should see it either at the bottom section of the sign-in form or at the top left corner of the course portal.

  • You will be prompted to provide your email.

Please use your organization’s email as it is most likely the one associated with your account - not your personal email. This would be the email your HR (Human Resource Director) or your instructor would have provided us.

  • You will be prompted to provide your password.

When you log in for the first time, you will be prompted to create a new password of your choice. Useful tip: If logged in but forgot your password - you can reset your password using the ‘Forgot Password?’ option.

Your sign-in step as a student is now complete and you’ve arrived in your own private learning account on the portal. 


Go to your Course via your Dashboard

On your dashboard (and a lot of other handy places like the sign-in page, too!) is a link to our Learner FAQs ( Click here if you get stuck or have a question. It has helpful tips and videos!


Once you’ve signed in successfully, click on your course on your dashboard. Look for your organization’s name in the course name and click 'Start Course'.