Why do I need to reset my password? I haven't even started the course yet!

Short answer, it's to save time. Long answer, it's about security, confirming your email address, and ensuring you have access to your account.

🎓 This article is for learners in the 4 Seasons of Indigenous Learning program and those accessing the course from reconciliationeducation.docebosaas.com.

I just got my welcome email to the course site. Why do I have to reset my password?

To save time and maximize security, the new course portal asks you to reset your password at your first sign-in. This has 3 main benefits:

  1. You don't receive a second email asking you to set your password, right after receiving your welcome email. Your account requires a unique password for you to log in. We hate junk emails too, and combining the welcome email and reset password email means less in your inbox.
  2. This action also confirms your email address in our system and removes the need for a "verify your email address" email. Instead of multiple actions to create your account, you simply need to reset (create) your custom password; accept our privacy policy, cookie policy & terms of use; and then you can begin learning!
  3. We don't want anyone accessing your account but you. Using the reset password feature to create your account means that you are setting a unique password that no one knows but you (not a pre-generated password), and hasn't been sent to you by email (so there is no record of it). Your account contains PII (Personal Identifying Information) in the form of your name, email address, and workplace. Keeping this information secure is our top priority.

Ready to set your password and begin learning? As a reminder, here are the password parameters.

  • Password must be 6 or more characters
  • Password must be different from your username/email address
  • Password must include both letters and numbers (alphanumeric)
  • If resetting your password, you cannot reuse your last 3 passwords