Help! My progress is not being marked complete.

Nothing is being marked complete and I can't advance in the course.

🎓  This article is for learners taking the course from and related sites.

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Generally, users who are unable to proceed in the course can continue by clicking the ‘Complete & Continue’ button at the bottom of the page.


complete not complete

At the end of each lesson, you will see directly below a blue button that you can click on. It reads ‘Complete & Continue’. That is the button to look for at the end of each segment to ensure your progress is tracked.

In order to proceed to the next lesson in the course, all previous lessons must be marked Completed as in the example above.

complete and continue

Look for the above 'Complete & Continue' button in your course

If you cannot see the Complete & Continue button, follow these best practices:

1. Our course is best experienced from a computer, not a tablet or phone. If you are using a tablet or phone, please retry the course on a laptop or desktop computer.

2. If you are using Internet Explorer (now called Edge) or Safari, please try Google Chrome or Firefox as your browser. We recommend Firefox as the browser of choice for the course.

3. Ensure that your browser is not blocking media. Some browsers will block video plugins for unfamiliar sites, preventing the videos from playing.

4. Ensure that you are not using a VPN (Virtual Protected Network) to access the course. The use of VPNs is known to cause issues with the course portal, especially with viewing media, quizzes, and completion tracking.

5. Finally, close and restart your browser. Some browser applications, such as Firefox, will display issues with media files when they are not properly updated. Often, simply restarting the application is enough to fix this.


You might need to scroll down with your cursor to see the button, which only appears at the very bottom of each lesson.