My Season 1 or Season 2 progress isn't being marked complete. I can't continue in the course!

The Season 1 and Season 2 courses offered by the Outdoor Learning Store are on a drip schedule, meaning you can't complete them all at once. Read more to learn what this means for you.

🎓 This article is for learners participating in the Outdoor Learning Store 4 Seasons of Indigenous Learning program.

If you are taking the course outside of this special campaign, click here.

I can't go to the next lesson!

You're not alone! These courses are being delivered on what we call a drip schedule: meaning that the entire course is not made available at once, and is instead "dripped" out over a set schedule.

You will only have access to the available modules, and will not be able to advance further until more modules are released. Even if you have completed all the released material, your course will appear as In Progress until the full course is released and completed.

For Season 1 learners, you will be able to complete Modules 0-3 until January 1, when new content is released. For Season 2 learners, you currently can complete Section 1 until January 1.

Due to the drip schedule, you will not be able to achieve your final certificates until after April 1, 2024, when the final modules of both Season 1 and Season 2 are released. Until all sections are released and completed, your course will appear as In Progress.

Here are the drip schedules for both current Seasons (2023):

Season 1: Foundations of Knowledge

  • October 15 Fall Release: Modules 1-3
  • January 1 Winter Release: Modules 4-6
  • April 1 Spring Release: Modules 7-9, plus the Final Assessment (module 10)

Season 2: Learning from the Land

  • October 15: Section 1
  • January 1: Section 2
  • April 1: Section 3

Do I lose access to previous sections when new ones are released? Do I have to complete the first section before the next session is available?

No! Once a course section is released, you have access to it until the end of your registration, which is one year from the day you registered.

You can complete the course in as many sessions you like over the course of the year, without worrying about missing previous content. Once released, all content is available to you to complete at your own pace.

What do I do while I wait for new content to release?

Great question! While you wait for new content to release, we encourage you to revisit content of interest, and expand your learning by doing independent research.

One way to continue learning while you wait is by visiting the Bonus Library. You can access the Bonus Library by clicking on the Bonus Library button on Your Dashboard.

Here, you can view all the films from the Reconciliation Documentary series, and more shorter videos on topics of interest.

Screenshot 2023-11-06 at 16-50-44 Your Dashboard - Reconciliation Education