How do I check my learners' progress?

My organization has a 4 Seasons of Reconciliation course, and I want to know how my learners are doing and who has completed the course.

Depending on what type of course you have with 4 Seasons of Reconciliation, there are different options for how to check up on your learners.

I have a course hosted by Reconciliation Education and the course URL is hosted on;; or

Group analyst privileges allow you to view and pull information from our site by allowing you access to a new dashboard within the system. With this new dashboard, you can check in on your learners’ progress and pull completion reports on your own, as frequently as you like and on-demand. For more information on how this works, swing on over to our article about the group analyst role.

A group analyst role is included with every 4 Seasons of Reconciliation course package - if you’d like to set up a group analyst for your course, let us know by emailing and requesting a group analyst set up for a member of your team.


I have a course hosted by my organization's own LMS (learning management system) on our own portal.

If the course is not hosted on our site,  you will need to use your own LMS to view data and check up on your learners. This process varies by LMS provider. 

We suggest having a chat with your IT team and asking them what options are available to you - trust us, IT folks are pretty cool!