I am the point of contact for this course in my organization and I receive requests to be added from learners I thought were previously added to the course. What should I do?

Here’s how you can best help your learners.

👤 This article is for the main point of contact for a participating organization.

The most common inquiry we receive from learners is about how to access their course and the easiest way for them to communicate this is to ask to be enrolled in the course (even though they already are). 

Below please find the suggested procedure for how best to assist when learners reach out to you (or us) when they have indeed been added to the course but are not able to access their learner dashboard. This is the exact procedure our team actions when we receive such a request and we are happy to pass it on.  It is simply a help article that you can send as a first response (with this simple trick - rarely will you need to escalate it back to our team). 

For a registered learner (someone your organization already asked us to add them, recently or in the past), please send them this help article link:

How can I get into (or back into) the course?

For a new learner (one who does not appear on your learner group report or when you search for them in the course as a group analyst- they do not appear), please give us one to two days to enroll them via your sign-up form.



This article is our secret weapon, and now yours too! This is the same article our help desk team would use to guide learners who reach out directly to us. We encourage you to save this link so that you can provide it to any learner who contacts you - it will help them get learning faster, and they’ll appreciate it.


There are a number of reasons why learners ask this question. However, the solution is not to add them again to the course, since the system won't allow a learner to be added twice. What they really need is an answer to 'how can I log in'.

Here are some common reasons you might be receiving this request: 

* The welcome email was lost in their inbox, or blocked as junk/spam email

* They logged in before but forgot how to get back into the course

* They assume they have been forgotten to be added to the course for a variety of internal reasons (they are a new employee, they were away sick and are now back, etc.)

* They searched their inbox for the keywords '4 Seasons' but nothing came up