When to Email Learners

While your course is being prepared, you can still be working toward a successful launch! Here's when we recommend connecting with your learners.

👤 This article is for the main point of contact for a participating organization.

1 week away from course launch

Let your learners know the course is coming! You can include a description of the course or a video in your email to get learners excited. If you are using 4 Seasons' LMS (Thinkific), we recommend letting your learners know ahead of time to expect their registration email from noreply@notify.thinkific.com so they know it isn't junk.

PRO TIP: Make sure your organization has whitelisted our addresses (or follow the instructions for letting learners know to add our addresses as contacts. Check out our quick win guide here.

1 day before course launch

We recommend one last reminder in case your first one was buried in the inbox - it happens! Letting learners know their welcome email (if using 4Seasons' LMS) is coming or that your new course will be available through your internal learning management system is key to a successful launch.

1-3 weeks after course launch

This is a key period in the learner cycle. While many learners will log in and complete the course in one or two sittings, others choose to complete the course in bite-size pieces. A reminder about the course is a great idea before the end of your first month, especially if you intend to have your learners submit their certificates to your organization.

PRO TIP: This is also a great time to introduce a lunch-and-learn event or followup session with your team members.

1 week before your completion deadline

If your organization has a targeted completion deadline for learners (a target date for all learners to have completed the program and received their certificate), we suggest sending an email to your learners one week before your deadline. This will remind those who aren't complete the course to finish it, and allow enough time to do so on their schedule before the deadline.

PRO TIP: Learners having difficulty retrieving their certificates? Check out our quick win guide here.