When to email learners

While your course is being prepared, you can still be working toward a gold-star launch! Here's when we recommend connecting with your learners.

👤 This article is for the main point of contact for a participating organization.

Gold-star launches are built on communication.

Learners who know what to expect, when to expect it, and why the course is being offered to them are more likely to engage and complete the course. Learners who don't know what 4 Seasons of Reconciliation is or why your organization has purchased it are likely to ignore welcome emails, and are less likely to log in to complete the course.

Drive completion - start early.

Our best practices for gold-star launch communications come down to one key point: communicating early! Talk to your learners ahead of them receiving their welcome email, and make sure that you're communicating any internal expectations you may have (such as what to do with their certificates, or who to report to). For our learner communication guide, click here.

Here are the 4 emails/communications we suggest to ensure your learners are on the right track.

📨 Email 1: 1 week away from course launch

Let your learners know the course is coming! You can include a description of the course or a testimony in your email to get learners excited.

If you are using Reconciliation Education's LMS (Docebo), we recommend letting your learners know ahead of time to expect their registration email from 4seasons@reconciliationeducation.ca so they know it isn't junk.

PRO TIP: Make sure your organization has whitelisted our identities so your learners receive their emails. Check out our quick win guide here.

📨 Email 2: 1 day before course launch

We recommend one last reminder in case your first one was buried in the inbox - it happens! If your organization has a newsletter, you may choose to do this second announcement there - clients take this pathway often, to great success!

This day-before email also encourages learners to reach out on launch day if they encounter an issue - it's a great way to ensure that your learners know they're supported on their learning journey. You may want to include an internal contact or email inbox learners can reach out to if they encounter an issue.

📨 Email 3: 1-3 weeks after course launch

This is a key period in the learner cycle. While many learners will log in and complete the course in one or two sittings, others choose to complete the course in bite-size pieces.

A reminder about the course is a great idea before the end of your first month, especially if you intend to have your learners submit their certificates to your organization.

PRO TIP: This is also a great time to introduce a lunch-and-learn event or followup session with your team members.

📨 Email 4: 1 week before your completion deadline

If your organization has a targeted completion deadline for learners (a target date for all learners to have completed the program and received their certificate), we suggest sending an email to your learners one week before this deadline. This will remind those who aren't complete the course to finish it, and allow enough time to do so on their schedule before the deadline.

This email can also be sent by your organization when your contract is nearing its end - learners who didn't have the opportunity to finish the course may want to know that their window of opportunity is closing, and you may be able to get some straggling learners to complete the course once they are aware of the deadline.

PRO TIP: Learners having difficulty retrieving their certificates? Check out our quick win guide here.